Sign the Petition: Oppose 3rd Party Financing
and Ownership of Renewables

On July 21st, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) opened a proceeding to decide whether third-party financing and ownership of renewables should be allowed in Wisconsin.  This move would essentially deregulate Wisconsin’s utilities. It would also open Wisconsin’s borders to out-of-state solar installation companies that employ a non-union workforce, putting profits ahead of preserving the safety and reliability of our power grid.

Third-party solar developers primarily rely on a lower-paid, lower-skilled workforce. These workers are labeled “solar installers” and may be taught by their respective employers how to install solar PV panels, but they are not given the opportunity to learn a broader skilled construction trade through a union apprenticeship program. The result is a transient workforce of lower-skilled workers, which has a negative effect on the construction industry, our local communities, and — when a project is not completed correctly — utility ratepayers as a whole.

Public comment on this issue is open until November 9th, and all completed petitions will be forwarded to the PSC.  All that is needed is your name and address to prove you are a Wisconsin resident. Thank you for taking action on this important issue.

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