Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change


Dear Lt. Governor Mandela and team,

On behalf of the 15 trade unions and 40,000 hard-working men and women that comprise the Wisconsin Building Trades Council, we commend the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change for their focus on responsible, practical, and meaningful approaches to achieving our State’s clean energy future.

We agree climate change must be addressed. Historically, Building Trades Unions have been leaders in innovation by providing well-trained, well-paid tradespeople to safely and efficiently build up our nation’s energy infrastructure. By having Labor at the table, you will have a partner with a long history of productive and beneficial outcomes relating to renewable energy projects.

We provide a vital and critical perspective of how we can be cost-efficient while delivering the innovations and technologies of the 21st Century to the residents of Wisconsin. Whether it comes to legacy, energy or renewables, our workers have been involved with producing thousands of mega-watts throughout our nation, and we believe that our expertise will lead Wisconsin ratepayers to the best outcomes for their pocketbooks, and the economic sustainability of their communities whether it be urban or rural.

It is our great pleasure to see that so many of the Task Force’s goals align with our values and beliefs for how we achieve our desired outcomes. Once the recommendations of the Task Force are finalized and implementation of the recommendations begins, we ask that you keep some important considerations in mind:

1. Energy must be reliable, accessible, and affordable for everyone, not just those with high credit scores or who live in certain areas.

2. All work in the legacy, renewable, and energy efficiency sectors should be performed by the safest, most highly trained, skilled workers in Wisconsin. Building Trades Union members spend considerable time and effort building and maintaining not only generation facilities, but also the transmission and distribution networks essential to reliable energy delivery from all generation sources.

3. All communities, income levels and workers must be respected and protected. Changes to policy should not disproportionately benefit or burden segments of our population.

4. Investments must be made responsibly and monitored in the development and deployment of technologies like solar, wind, nuclear, hydro-electric, carbon capture and utilization, battery storage, and low carbon and electrified transportation to ensure that Wisconsin realizes the full economic benefit of the investment.

A recent filing by the Wisconsin Laborer’s District Council in the Badger Hollow Public Service Commission matter contains information and data that underscores many of these Items listed above. Those materials are enclosed. If you have further curiosity or questions, please never hesitate to connect. The Wisconsin Building Trades Council Is here to support Wisconsin in “Building Our Future Together”.


Jake Castanza

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