State Budget Improvements for Workers


“What we are seeing is a governor who keeps their promise and acts responsibly for the hard- working people of Wisconsin. The past year was layered with unprecedented challenges for many people in Wisconsin. Vision and ideas aimed towards uplifting everyday people will bring Wisconsin “Forward” to a strong and successful recovery and prepare us for our journey on this path to get through the pandemic.”

Jake Castanza, Executive Director of WBTC

We are thrilled to hear Governor Evers’ plans to reinstate the prevailing wage laws in Wisconsin, end the embargo of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on publicly funded projects, invest in our state’s infrastructure with the I-94 Expansion, banish the one- week waiting period for the unemployment claims, implement the recommendations from the Governor’s Task Force on Payroll Fraud and Misclassification, and end anti-worker Right- to-Work laws which have been a catalyst for the downward slide of workers’ rights and benefits in Wisconsin. 

Governor Evers is focused on achieving a higher standard for quality of life in our state and what government can and will do to protect everyday workers, families, and taxpayers’ interests. The Evers administration utilizes real-world information and metrics to ensure that people are paid fairly, that government is using tax dollars for Wisconsin workers and businesses, and ensuring that our freedoms in the workplace are upheld to the world’s highest standards. 

We support and applaud Governor Evers and the administration for engineering an inclusive and beneficial plan for bettering working family outcomes; particularly repealing the prevailing wage act. Governor’s Evers’ budget is evidence of providing world-class services at a responsible cost – we urge the Joint Finance Committee and Legislature to support Governor Evers’ budget to invest in the people and workers of Wisconsin. 

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