Entrusting Our Leaders to Shape the Future for Wisconsin Workers

The officers that make up the WBTC leadership team serve as a guiding compass for the organization. Representing our member unions and regional councils, these leaders bring forward and elevate the voice and concerns of our Wisconsin trade workers.

In addition to advocating for workers’ rights, WBTC exists to expand career and training opportunities and open doors for more diverse talent to join the construction trades. Learn about WBTC’s Mission.

Advocates on the leadership team for WBTC work to educate elected officials of both political parties in local, state, and federal governments on the importance of a fair hourly wage, safe working conditions, and support for emerging energy technologies. The building industry represents a significant part of Wisconsin’s economy, and we want to make sure our members always have a voice in decisions impacting their income, working conditions, and job security.

Professional Title
Blane Tom
Boilermakers Local 107
Business Manager
Brett Large
Heat & Frost Insulators Local 19
Business Manager
Dan Bukiewicz
Milwaukee Building Trades
Jac Weitzel
South Central Wisconsin Building Trades
Executive Director/President
Dean Warsh
IBEW Local 494
Business Manager
Greg Erickson
Western Wisconsin Building Trades
Jim Vick
Bricklayers And Allied Crafts WI
Kent Miller
Wisconsin Laborers
Asst. Business Manager
Kyle Bukovich
Northern Wisconsin Building Trades
Mike Mooney
Sheet Metal Workers Local 18
Business Manager
Pat Rodriguez
North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
Asst. Director
Robert Potter
Southern Wisconsin Building Trades
Bradley Kalcic
South Eastern Wisconsin Building Trades
Scott Bartz
Sheet Metal Workers Local 18
Business Agent
Steve Breitlow
United Association (Plumbers Local 75)
Business Manager
Terry McGowan
Operating Engineers 139
Business Manager
Theodore Gumieny
North East Wisconsin Building Trades
Business Development
Todd Gray
Plasterers and Cement Masons 599
Business Manager
Tom Benvenuto
Teamsters Local 200
Business Agent
Tony Mayrhofer
Iron Workers Local 8
Business Manager
Travis Gorman
Roofers Local 11
Business Representative
Trevor Martin
North East Wisconsin Building Trades